USgamer Kicks Off Mega Man-a-thon

So hey, you know that thing I do where I live stream Mega Man games on occasion? Well, USgamer has taken that idea and they're doing it better.

I kid, of course, at least about the "taking that idea" -- people have been live streaming these games long before I came along, after all. But the "doing it better" is completely sincere, as Jeremy Parish announced yesterday that he would be playing as many Mega Man games as he can, barring certain spin-offs, starting with Mega Man for the Nintendo Entertainment System:

Following this one-hour debut session, Parish's platforming plan is to go one half-hour each day through each subsequent title in the main timeline, so up through Mega Man Legends 2. There will be certain exclusions, such as Mega Man Soccer and the slower-paced Mega Man Battle Network titles, as well as the unfortunate exclusion of the Mega Man ZX titles -- unless Capcom adds those to the Wii U Virtual Console at some point, thus making them more easily streamable, that is.

The regular showing for these is "beginning soon," so you'll want to keep an eye on USgamer or their YouTube channel for more on when that begins in earnest.