Battle Geek Plus's Awesome Video Game Memories of Mega Man 8

From the thrill of "Electrical Communication" to the perils of jumping and jumping and sliding and sliding for your life, Mega Man 8 was a pretty unique and memorable game for the Blue Bomber, if only because it his PlayStation debut would also mark the last numbered title in the series for more than a decade.

With that said, Ryan from Battle Geek Plus on Channel Awesome has once again sent along his Awesome Video Game Memories of this clash between good and evil, and between Earth and space.

Though it does have some downsides to it, Ryan seems to remember this one pretty fondly. If nothing else, it still sits as perhaps the most unique entry in the Classic series, and definitely one for fans to check out.

What about you? Do you remember this one fondly, or were some of it's more unusual aspects too much for you to get past? Share your feelings in the comments below!