Mega Man Legacy Collection Returns to The Friday Nyteworks Stream

That's right, I'm at it again. As announced on last week's episode of The Friday Nyteworks Stream, I'm going back to Mega Man Legacy Collection on the PlayStation 4 and this time, I'm taking on Mega Man 2 -- the whole thing, not just the challenges!

If all goes well, things will kick off at 9:30pm EST on Friday, April 22nd over on the Twitch Nyteworks channel. It's a later time than I normally start because I've noticed more people seem to come in later, but also because I'm going to be having dinner at my in-laws' that night, so I'm hoping to be back in time for the start here. If I'm not there on the dot, please bear with me as I'll be doing my best to get on as soon as possible!

For those who haven't been following, I've been doing this over the last month since the initial episode with Mega Man, and I've played Killer Instinct Season 3, Project Spark, and (with a bit of technical difficulty) Sunset Overdrive. You can find playlists for all of those here, if you're interested.

And as much fun as those have been, it's always nice to get back to something I'm more comfortably familiar with, so I hope you'll join me this Friday night!