Sentinel's Classic and Rockman.EXE Figures Appear in Full Color

We're only a few days out from getting an update on the X-Plus Toys Mega Man Zero figure which was originally teased at WonderFest 2016, so it makes sense that we'd also see an update on some of the other figures which debuted at that event as well!

"I have added posability!"

"I have that finger thing!"


Over on Rockman Unity, Ucchy-san has posted a variety of pictures of the new four-inch figures, showing off their scale (in relation to himself and an E Tank, anyway) and the various joints and points of articulation included that allow them to mimic numerous classic poses.

Of particular interest to Rockman.EXE fans is that he not only comes with his Buster, but also the Sword arm he so frequently uses, as well as his mask for battle mode.

Pre-orders open up in Japan sometime this week, with the release coming in August at about 4,320 yen apiece, or around $40 USD, though Big Bad Toy Store has pre-orders open at $49.99 each. For many more pics of both figures, head over to Rockman Unity now!

Thanks for the tips, Midori, Vhyper1985, and Shadowdark7!