Lucas Gilbertson Gets Krunk and Plays Mega Man X8

Over on his YouTube channel, Lucas Gilbertson -- the voice of Zero in Mega Man X8, Mega Man X Command Mission, and Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X -- has begun a series of Let's Play videos featuring him playing Mega Man X8 while drinking hard liquor (to keep things interesting after not recording his initial run) and talking about how he cut school in order to get the job.

In the first video, Gilbertson struts his way through Noah's Park. Be warned of some Not Safe For Work language, too.

Next, Gilbertson takes on more whiskey while taking on Earthrock Trilobyte and the enormous guard dog of a Mechaniloid that runs amuck on his stage's grounds (and loses 20 minutes of footage in the process).

For those who are interested in following the continuing journey, stay tuned to Hermit Sherpa on YouTube for new episodes as they become available. Gilbertson promises that the next session will be done sober so he can share some tantalizing behind-the-scenes stories with us all.