X-Plus Zero and More Mega Man Helmets Coming This Summer

One of the cool things about Mega Man is that he has a ton of different color schemes. Bored of his baseline blues, or just prefer something with a bit more pizazz? Then there is probably a color scheme for you -- and it's probably official, too!

As such, Multiverse Studio appears to be taking full advantage of this fact with their wearable 1:1 scale Mega Man helmet, as Big Bad Toy Store has posted pre-orders for three new variants in two-toned grey, purple, and green/white which represent (among others) the Rolling Cutter, Shadow Blade, and Hyper Bomb equipped color schemes. Check 'em out:

Each helmet goes for $169.99 USD -- a bit of a premium over the classic blue's $149.99, though one might suppose that's the price one pays for being on the cutting edge of fashion, if you want to have a blast.

All three helmets are slated to arrive at Big Bad Toy Store in July 2016.

Prior to that, however, it appears that X-Plus Toys will have the next in their line of supersized Mega Man figures ready to go in June. Last we heard, they were only teasing Zero from his self-titled series, but now we've jumped all the way up to a full-color version.

Via Dengeki (warning: some of the other images might not be safe for work), see for yourself:

"See right there? That's how much I'm going to be."

The figure looks quite stunning, though there's nothing to speak of on the accessory front yet, should there be any. Upon release, this PVC figure will run you 10,564 yen, or about $97.19 USD (as of this writing).

Thanks to Vhyper1985 for the tips!