UltimateMaverickX Presents "The Legendary Reploid"

UltimateMaverickX is back once again with a new piece of animation. Rather than sprite-based, we're returned to the world of what can be done in a more traditional style of animation as "Ciel's Memory ~ Rebirth" is brought to visual life:

From the description:

You've heard this track on Zero VS Omega Decisive Battle. I remember years ago when I'm doing that sprite video, I want to provide this track a visual and put it on Zero VS Omega. While on art class, I draw scenes of this track little by little and was disappointed on my drawings. I didn't continue the plan and I create a different scene instead which is Guardians VS Omega. That was 4 years ago, time flies fast and now I can do this without having a hard time drawing except this takes a lot of time. Sometimes, I get impatient. I'm glad with the outcome and I hope you enjoy this.
This drama track is short but awesome. I really like this the first time I saw the translations.

For a special version with behind-the-scenes extras and bonuses, check out UltimateMaverickX's deviantART post.

In addition, UltimateMaverickX has remade the animation for the drama track "The Last Hope," which you can see here:

The original is no longer available to view on his YouTube channel, though he says he's looking at presenting a comparison version soon.