Keiji Inafune Makes a Super Mario Maker Level

We've seen fans make many a Mega Man level in Super Mario Maker before, but Polygon brings us a bit of a twist: a Super Mario Maker level made by none other than Keiji Inafune, producer of many a Mega Man title and the upcoming Mighty No. 9.

Though he is confined to the tenets of Mario, he still brings a bit of Blue Bomber-ness to his creation. In addition to trying to connect more with the earlier Mario titles and bring a "retro" feel to his level, "I also wanted to include some mechanics from other Mega Man games, or like Mighty No. 9, so I concentrated on the jumps."

If you'd like to play the level for yourself, you can enter the code 780C-0000-020E-166A, or just bookmark it on the Super Mario Maker website here. And if you're interested in Inafune's reflections with Polygon on Comcept's fifth anniversary (from back in February), then you'll want to click here.

Thanks to Roberto Zampari Caldas for the tip!