Level Up Studios Offering Pre-Order Pricing for Mega Man Nendoroid

Okay, I hope I'm not too late with this. I received a tweet a short time back (that I didn't get around to posting until now) from Level Up Studios announcing that the Mega Man Nendoroid figure would be shipping soon, and that they have special pre-order pricing of $42.99 USD in their online store.

On that page, it says that shipping begins March 4th -- that's today, as of this writing -- but they still have it listed as "pre-order pricing," so hopefully whatever deal there is to be had is still available there.

If not? Uh, consider this your notice that the Mega Man Nendoroid figure is available now! I saw one at my local comic book shop on Wednesday, and aside from being surprised it's out already, the price was a fair bit more than what is being asked here, so at least that's something.