The Month of March Proves Super Effective for Mega Man Facts

I learned about this tip too late to tell everyone to tune in, but It's Super Effective on YouTube has been celebrating the month of March as "Mega Man March" by laying down a ton of different Mega Man facts and tidbits. He's got your Proto Man facts:

He's got Mega Man Battle Network:

And for good measure, he's even gone into the Mega Man animated series from Ruby-Spears:

There's also a Top 10 list of the best weapons in the Classic series (you might be surprised by what isn't number one), and it sounds like there may be one more video to end the month on, but it isn't out yet -- you'll have to check in on the It's Super Effective YouTube Channel to see that one, along with various other previous videos about Mega Man, Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and many more!