BlazeHeatnix Definitively Dubs Mega Man Zero

Come the turn of the century, voice acting -- for better or for worse -- was something of an expectation in video games. Of course, some games ended up escaping this scenario, many of which called the Game Boy Advance their home. Among those that did not see dramatic readings of the dialogue contained therein (or, in this case, only through foreign language external material) was Mega Man Zero.

However, just over a year ago, one who has adopted the moniker of BlazeHeatnix has sought to change this status quo. Through the "BlazeHeatnix - Definitive Dubs" channel on YouTube, a group of voice actors have gone through and added spoken words to some newly rewritten dialogue along with a full playthrough of the game:

The first episode is above, but the most recent -- set during Zero's assault in Neo Arcadia -- can be found with all the rest in-between over on the Definitive Dubs channel.