Gunvolt Winners and Mega Man Live Stream Announcement

Running a little bit late, I know, but I've got two announcements for you today!

First up, I previously announced that the winners of the Azure Striker Gunvolt contest had been selected and contacted. Here then are your winners!

GeminiSparkSP: "I want to get this game in this contest because I don't own a 3DS."

Dylan Shamblin: "I'd love a copy of the Steam version, solely because my 3DS is barely clinging to life, and while I just got hired for a new job... I don't start for another month. I'm barely making ends meet, gotta stretch out funds before my job starts. :- ( 

Also, I love the music in game. The English songs are especially good!

Neowulf: "I really wanna witness the game with full Japanese Voice Acting, not unlike that ZX Romhack some dude released. Not to mention that patch for 3DS that Inticreates mentioned still isnt coming along... might as well get it for free."

Van Nguyen: "I want Gunvolt because all the J-Pop in it will disappoint my parents. (Just Kidding, I love Mega Man!)


Congratulations to these four, and thanks to everyone who entered! May your lights shine brightly as you enjoy the game!

Now, on to the next order of business...

Since the PlayStation 4 (and Xbox One) have built-in live streaming capabilities, I've decided I would like to make use of it, and I can't think of a better way to kick things off than with some Mega Man Legacy Collection!

The stream will take place on the Nyteworks channel this Friday at about 7pm EST, provided I can get everything working right (as it stands, it's refusing to let me change the headers from Sonic Lost World; if you know a way to get around "Field is required," please let me know!).

I don't have an especially solid plan for it at the moment, but I'm mainly looking at starting with the first Mega Man and seeing where the road takes me. Suffice to say, I'd appreciate the company!