Go Figure: New Rockman Figure Reveals Abound at WonderFest 2016

Wonder Fest is in full swing over in Japan, and there is all sorts of action figure news coming out of it as we speak. What's surprising, however, is that there is news of new Rockman (and hopefully Mega Man, eventually) product to come from not one, not two, but three different companies!

First up is the big one... literally. Assuming you still have room in your home for more after their Rock, Roll, X, and Zero releases, then you might be interested in their release of... Zero! Rockman Zero, that is.

Via Vhyper1985, X-Plus Toys has only posted the above teaser from the show on their Twitter, but between the pose and a knowledge of their past work, that probably speaks volumes by itself.

Next up by way of Hazard is another teaser for Rockman X from Nendoroid:

For those unfamiliar, Nendoroid figures tend to be articulated, but with a more chibi-styling. You can see how they treated the original Blue Bomber here.

Now it's time for the main event, which I think is going to make some people very happy. From Rockman Unity's Twitter (via Vhyper1985), it seems that a company known as Sentinel is getting into the Rockman figure game with a line of 4-inch (10cm) figures:

The big attraction at the moment is the original Blue Bomber, but they're clearly getting the most out of the mold, as Power, Jet, and Super mode variations are all on the way, as well as Cut Man, who basically reuses Rock's body type from the neck down.

But that's not all! As you can see, there are also plans for the anniversary-celebrating Rockman.EXE to get figures in his Normal, Hub Style, and Dark forms, apparently using the following mold (as photographed by Daiginjo):

All in all, not too bad a spread at all! In addition to getting some new figures from Battle Network, it looks like Sentinel is doing what I had hoped Bandai would with their Figuarts line in terms of viable mold reuse. Hopefully they'll find ways to cleverly deliver to us more Rockman figures than we normally seem to get in these lines!