USgamer Goes Asteroid Mining with One Hit Wonders in Mega Man 3

The folks over at USgamer have recently introduced a new biweekly series called "One Hit Wonders," in which each member of the staff plays through a designated game and attempts to fare the best under given criteria. Normally, this is to see who can get the farthest before taking a single hit.

With the recent release of Mega Man Legacy Collection, the latest edition is focused on Mega Man 3, with Snake Man's being the chosen stage. However, unlike previous editions, they aren't running until they take their first hit (it would be a very short video, were that the case); rather, the objective is to see who can beat Snake Man's stage without dying (one strike and you're out), and then tallying up the number of hits taken among the survivors. Interesting point of note: even their run in the infamously hard Ninja Gaiden only allowed one hit.

You can see how the five -- Jeremy Parish, Jaz Rignall, Kat Bailey, Bob Mackey, and (full disclosure: my wife) Nadia Oxford -- fare in the video above, though you are also invited to check out the full accompanying post on USgamer. Some folks in the comments there have posted their own attempts, and you're welcome to do the same here.