Mega Man X: Corrupted Shows Off Feature-Complete Weapons Factory

A new update has come from JKB Productions on their fan game, "Mega Man X: Corrupted." In the description, they note that the difficulty is "A Class" and that the level is now "feature complete." Have a look for yourself at their progress:

As always, lots of interesting things going on throughout the stage, including the use of machines that move the molten metal/rock around, able to not only hurt you if you're not careful, but also be ridden and even climbed through. A mini-boss gives chase through a section which fills with more of the red-hot material, and it all culminates in a battle against the Maverick known as Warfare Milodon.

The reception to this so far seems to be largely positive, though a number of comments have pointed out that X's threat to bring Milodon as "a pile of scrap" if he doesn't come quietly seems a bit out of character. Perhaps there is something more going on that causes X to take a more aggressive stance? We'll have to wait and see.