More Nintendo 3DS Mega Man Legacy Collection Tidbits

Though Mega Man Legacy Collection was released on the Nintendo 3DS earlier this week, it seems there are still some interesting little bits that have come up about the title since then.

For starters, we in the west didn't get much of a launch trailer for the title, but Japan -- where this is the first release under the title of Rockman Classics Collection -- went all out:

At the end there, you can see the two Nintendo 3DS Home menu themes in action as well. I'm not sure if they were available when the game launched, but according to the latest Nintendo Download press release, they are available in the North American Nintendo eShop as we speak.

Here's how the "Stage Select" theme looks when coupled with badges from Nintendo Badge Arcade, courtesy of Roto13:

Only Isabelle truly realizes the situation they've found themselves in.

Unfortunately, the actual Mega Man badges haven't been released here yet.

If you're interested in getting your hands on the Japanese e-Capcom Special Limited Edition of the game (which is sold out, but that's what the aftermarket is for), you can check out a recap of Ucchy-san's unboxing on Rockman Unity over at #20's Reploid Research Lavatory. This includes a greater look at Dr. Right's Research Journal, which further develops his character in some interesting ways, such as what that whole Street Fighter connection is all about.

Finally, we know that the Nintendo 3DS version has a few added features that vary it up a bit from the high definition console/PC versions, but did you know that one of those features is the inclusion of twelve games instead of just six?

Well, sort of. From Digital Eclipse's Head of Restoration Frank Cifaldi's Twitter:

That's a pretty neat little addition, especially for those who consider themselves purists or simply want to see how little things -- such as Mega Man 6's intro music -- differed on the other side.