Greg Moore Bids a Fond Farewell to Capcom Unity

It was mere months ago when longtime Capcom Unity community manager Brett Elston said his good-byes to the community that he had helped manage. Now, another has followed in his footsteps.

Never knew Capcom USA took its Japanese roots so seriously...

Greg "Grega Man" Moore has is now wishing everyone at Capcom a fond farewell. Joining right around the time Keiji Inafune left the company, Moore would soon find himself with no shortage of fires to put out as the collective wrath of the Mega Man fandom was focused on Capcom, with him caught in the crossfire -- not an enviable position to be in, by any means.

Grega Man persevered, however, and has been a great liaison between The Mega Man Network and Capcom over the years and doing his part to keep the spirit of the Blue Bomber alive. I sincerely regret that Google was not as generous in providing an epic collage of his many misadventures as it was for Brelston, but fortunately, he has many fond memories of his own that you can check out on his final blog post on Capcom Unity -- including a defense of Strider for the Nintendo Entertainment System, which I wholeheartedly support, and an "under-viewed" interview with Mega Man staffer TOM-PON, for which he did the English subtitles.

If you wish to keep up with his further adventures, you can find him on Twitter at @fingersmaloy.

News Credit: via Get Me Off The Moon, who has their own post of remembrances and well-wishes.