Japan's Animate Stores Opening Up Rockman Shop

Here's a late-coming follow-up to yesterday's story from Midori, as the shops known as Animate in Japan are going to be setting up their own "Rockman Shops" to promote the upcoming release of Rockman Classics Collection (aka Mega Man Legacy Collection).

"We're getting that parka first!" "Why? You already have the real Air Man!" "Because it looks nice!"

Among the goods available at the shops will be a Robot Master face towel (2,500 yen), square tin badges (450 yen apiece, for a total of 15 different types), tumblers (not Tumblrs) featuring Fire Man and Ice Man (1,600 yen each), a B-Side Label-branded tote bag (2,500 yen), and my personal favorite, the 6,800 yen Air Man parka:

"Dude, your fashion sense really blows." "I know, right?"

Exhibition space will give way to package designs and promo art, as well as a statue of the original Blue Bomber suitable for taking pictures with. Rather than having Rockman Classics Collection on hand, though, they seem to be providing the Nintendo Entertainment System Rockman experience by way of the six games being presented via the Game Archives versions from the PlayStation Store.

The promotion will be held at the main store in Ikebukuro from February 6th to 28th, while the Osaka Nippombashi branch will have it from February 20th to March 6th. And while they might not have the big events themselves, other Animate locations appear to at least be carrying the special Rockman goods.

For more information and a peek at more of the special goods, head over to this post on Rockman Unity!