The Sonic Stadium Examines Archie's Delayed Books

This variant of Sonic #281 was supposed to be out on 2/10 for Valentine's Day, but #279 is currently slated for 2/24.

Archie's Mega Man comic book has reached its end, or at least its hiatus, but as some of you may recall, the book took a bit longer than expected to get that final issue out to everyone. But while the monthly single issues have ceased, the trade paperbacks have continued on... or at least, that's what we thought was supposed to be happening. Much like that final issue, those who have waited for the compiled stories to hit shelves have known too well the delays that have kept them from keeping up.

Case in point: Worlds Collide: The Complete Epic was supposed to be released in May 2015, but only arrived in January 2016 (following a previously-missed release of December 2015, however).

Mega Man fans aren't the only ones left wondering where their books are. Fans of Mega Man's partner in being blue, busting robots, and crossing worlds, Sonic the Hedgehog, are left in a similar and ongoing state as monthly issues from November on have missed their release date.

Archie's not said much on the matter, to the irritation of some subscribers, but some folks over at The Sonic Stadium have put together some thoughts as to what might be the culprit behind all of the missed shipping dates. To get the full picture of what they've brought together, just click here.