A Closer Look at Mega Man Legacy Collection Collector's Edition for Nintendo 3DS

An interesting tidbit from Destructoid was thrown my way earlier by Chris Carter, who has received the Nintendo 3DS Collector's Edition of Mega Man Legacy Collection ahead of its February 23rd release date. Those interested in the package, and particularly the golden amiibo figure contained within, should read on.

Oh, that Mega Man -- what a card. Looks like he's hitting his golden years, though.

The biggest piece of information regards the packaging for the amiibo figure, which as you can see above, does not feature the standard blister cardback that is typical of the line. Rather, it appears to come in an all-clear plastic shell of sorts, not unlike the front portion of an amiibo release, but minus the art-covered cardboard backing.

That may make this next bit of information a bit easier to consider for those who ponder whether to release the figures from the plastic prisons containing them: like a normal amiibo release (minus Shovel Knight, interestingly enough), one of the strips which prevents the amiibo from being read while in the package is in use here.

Beyond this, Carter looks briefly at the fan-submitted challenges that the amiibo unlocks in the game, as well as what application of the system's eponymous 3D effect exists. "Oh, and one more thing," he points out. "I tested it by turning off my 3DS, and you'll need to re-scan the amiibo to unlock them during each startup."

For more pics and the full rundown of this package, head on over to Destructoid.