Retro-Style Mega Man ReAction Figure (and M.U.S.C.L.E.) Coming from Super7 (Updated)

Some interesting news has emerged from Toy Fair 2016, courtesy of The Toyark. At the show, toy company Super 7 revealed their plans to release a variety of ReAction-style* action figures, including Street Fighter II, Masters of the Universe, Hellboy, and of course, our favorite Super Fighting Robot, Mega Man!

No actual figures were shown at the event, but The Toyark provides a good look at the blister card art here:

For those unfamiliar with the ReAction line, what they do is take various vintage and current properties and produces action figures similar to what might have been back in the day. Generally speaking, these are styled like the original Kenner Star Wars toys of the late 70s and early 80s (right down to the 3.75" compatible scale), but have featured such licenses as Back to the Future, Alien, Arrow, Breaking Bad, and so much more.

You can see the previous ReAction figures here, while the upcoming offerings are here. If you'd like to read them in greater detail, then I invite you to check out this article from Dinosaur Dracula (warning: just a little bit of Not Safe For Work language) which looks at their Gremlins offerings.

Now, since Super7 is also doing new M.U.S.C.L.E. figures based on Masters of the Universe, do we dare hope for these two toy titans from 80s Japan to collide?

Update: Apparently we do! Sharp-eyed Steven McPhail spotted this in the gallery -- take note of the lower part!

Wrestling Robot Masters?

Thanks to Shadowdark7 for the tip!

* I'm not entirely sure of the situation here, but in writing this, I saw that despite The Toyark's labeling, ReAction is a Funko line, and Super7's offerings seem to lack any such branding. So either there was some sort of buying or merging at some point, or they're just being grouped in due to the similarity.