WatchMojo Ranks Their Top 10 Robot Masters and Mavericks

A little while back, we got to see WatchMojo's Top 10 Video Game Composers, thanks to its inclusion of Manami Matsumae for her work on the Mega Man series. As it turns out, they've done other Blue-related Top 10s both before and since.

First up, of course, is their 2014 list of the Top 10 Robot Masters. With ten games to choose from, any game would be lucky to manage more than one entry when everything is narrowed down to a mere ten entries -- and they're lucky to have that if Stardroids and other special cases are included.

Next, we fast forward about a hundred years to 2016, when the Top 10 Mavericks are ranked for your enjoyment. Luckily for the games in the Mega Man X series, the competition isn't quite as fierce to be included. Then again, with the reception some of those titles received, maybe it is?

Also, take note that unlike the Robot Master list above, this one takes into account not just the bosses, but when applicable, their stages, too, as well as their challenge and design.

There's no telling if they'll keep this up with any other Mega Man series, even though there's still a good bit of material to go around. Nonetheless, what do you think? Did your favorite not make the cut? Are they out of their minds for including a certain boss? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Oh, and it seems they've done several other videos which involve Mega Man in some way or another. Rather than post them all here, I'll just say you should visit their website or YouTube page and check around for yourself.