Press The Buttons Presents 'Dr. Wily: Portrait of a Madman'

The villainous Dr. Wily has been a major part of the Mega Man franchise from the outset, his influence reaching well past his lifetime into other centuries and other series, but have you ever stopped to take look at him? Like, a really good look?

Over on Press The Buttons, Matthew Green has done just that. While the pixel art remained consistent throughout the era of the Nintendo Entertainment System, Green examines the promotional art used to depict the character with each new installment, and how each rendition seems to show an ever-gradual progression as Wily slides from jealous colleague to outright supervillain.

You can follow the progressive analysis for yourself here, though it must be pointed out that Wily has apparently managed to dial things back following his lone PlayStation/Saturn outing. Maybe there's hope for him yet?