X Armors Up Against Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite's Newest Challengers

Good morning, everyone! In case you missed it last night, Capcom unveiled yet another trailer for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. Truth be told, this one is the same as the last one, but with some new footage grafted on.

Oh, but what footage we have here! Not only do we see one new member of each team -- I'll leave it at that for those who want to see it for themselves (but I discuss it below the video, so beware) -- but also, X shows off one of his abilities by upgrading on the spot to one of his celebrated armor sets.

Which one? Have a look for yourself:

Pretty cool, huh?

It's interesting how much love X's First/Full Armor is getting these days. Keep in mind that aside from a few trinkets in Japan, the thing was never heavily merchandised -- it was practically throwaway, in fact, as X abandoned it after the first game (as he's wont to do), and wouldn't be referenced in-series again until Mega Man Xtreme some years later, and again in the remake of the first game, Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X for the PlayStation Portable.

Since then, it seems to be popping up a bit more. Most notably as one of the figures in Bandai's S.H. Figuarts line, more recently as a Nendoroid, and now in this game. 

That leaves the question of whether or not any other armors will be included. One of the Ultimate Armors seems like a safe bet, but any others? We'll just have to see.

It also begs the question of what you guys think: Is this cool, or would you rather have been able to select X's armors as costume variants? Or have them as different super moves? Feel free to share your thoughts on that (and which other armors you'd like to see) in the comments below.

Oh, and one other thing: In case you couldn't watch the video for some reason, the new guys are Captain America and Morrigan (not to be confused with Captain Morgan, though now that I mention it, "Captain Morrigan" would be a fun name for that team) of DarkStalkers fame. Odd to see those two together for several reasons, not the least of which being that the initial two teams we were introduced to were all-Capcom and all-Marvel. But if they reveal two characters at a time from here on, I suppose that's the best way to go about it.

Edit: One other thing, thanks to Magnet Man and GeminiSparkSP for the tips they've sent on this! Maybe I should have checked my e-mail before posting...