Mega Man Mobile Release Date Announced

So, those six Mega Man Mobile games we've talked about twice previously? They're coming soon, and possibly even sooner than anyone ever expected. Per Capcom Mobile's Twitter:

That's right, we get it January 5th, an entire day before Japan does! Take that, Japan!

That is, unless you take the whole time zone thing into account, in which case I think we might be getting it about the same time? Uh, hey Japan, you know I was just kidding with you about the whole "take that" thing, right?

As for price, nothing new on that front.

Anyway, I know that if you're reading this -- being a Mega Man fan site and all, thereby meaning you're probably a Mega Man fan -- these releases may have limited interest to you, or you might even be wary. Nonetheless, if all goes accordingly, I'll be able to offer some thoughts on these releases in fairly short order, so keep an eye on The Mega Man Network if you're interested in Megafying your mobile device!