Mega Man: Nightfall and the 29th Anniversary

For at least a couple hours longer where I am, today marks the 29th anniversary of Mega Man. While this is a day worthy of celebration, I'm instead feeling a little melancholy, albeit for unrelated reasons.

I know I should probably have something to say or show for the occasion, but when you write about the character so frequently, day after day and week after week and year after year, it's ironic to not have anything to say to mark the event. Rather than force something, I'm going to instead save it for the 30th anniversary next year.

Interestingly enough, I had a submission from Diego sitting in my Inbox for the following animation by MissMello titled "Mega Man: Nightfall," which somehow seems almost fitting in some ways, not the least of which being how many fans feel about the franchise and how the emergence of X in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite feels like a new beacon of hope.

From the description:

Several years have passed since Dr. Wily’s last attempt at world domination ended in failure, thanks to the efforts of Megaman. Following the evil scientist’s subsequent disappearance, the Light family has enjoyed a time of peace, believing the days of fighting to be behind them.
However, unbeknownst to them, the mad doctor has been secretly plotting something far more sinister than any scheme he’s devised before. A plan that could herald in a new era of fear and chaos upon the world, but will this harbinger prove to be the doctor’s own downfall?
Taking on the mantle of the Blue Bomber once more, Rock must find a way to stop this dark threat to the world and family he loves. With the future hanging in the balance, can our hero prevail…and at what cost?
Fight on, Megaman! For everlasting peace!

This of course follows the old "Cataclysm" theory of what transpired between the Classic and X series, and though that's been debunked by the creators, it still serves as a fascinating "what if" for those who appreciate the darker side of the Blue Bomber's legacy.

As I said, though, I talk enough about Mega Man, so I'm turning it over to you guys -- consider this an open thread, but under the usual rules (my Batontons are watching like Laserbeak in the night). Talk about the above animation, what Mega Man means to you, how you were first introduced to the franchise, your favorite characters, games, or memories, your hopes for the future of the franchise, or whatever else.

Happy 29th, everyone, and may there be much to look forward to as we approach the 30th!