It's Zero Hour as Capcom Drops the Bass in Dead Rising 4

Since its introduction in 2006, the Dead Rising series has been well known for its plethora of references to other Capcom franchises, and being a brainchild of former Capcom Global Head of Production Keiji Inafune, it is of course no surprise that Mega Man would be among those more heavily featured.

The tradition continues today in Dead Rising 4, the latest entry in the series which is available now for Xbox One and Windows 10. With Frank West's most recent outing, the folks at Capcom Vancouver have a very special treat in store for Blue Bomber fans -- or rather, fans of his allies.

But first, we have the more traditional treat in the form of costumes based on two of Dr. Wily's greatest creations (no, not Turbo Man):

There are some neat little touches here, such as the metallic footsteps Frank makes as he runs, echoing those heard in some of the games. Plus, get a look at the thumbnail for the above video -- the Bass costume actually features Bass's eyes!

As cool as that is, that's not the real treat. This time out, Frank West can equip himself with an exo-suit that makes tearing through hordes of zombies a piece of cake. But as it turns out, there's one exo-suit that allows him to cut through them like a hot knife through butter -- or, should I say "a Z-Saber through Mavericks"?

Check it out:

How sweet is that? It's just a shame it lasts only two minutes.

Personally speaking, I'm a newcomer to the Dead Rising series, so if you're interested in my newcomer's thoughts on the game, you can check out my review of Dead Rising 4 here.

Source: Protodude's Rockman Corner