Battle Geek Plus's Awesome Video Game Memories of Mega Man X4

Ryan of Battle Geek Plus is back with yet another edition of Awesome Video Game Memories, this time featuring the PlayStation/Saturn debut of Mega Man X... well, if you ignore the port of Mega Man X3, that is. And since those didn't come out in North America (only to taunt the True Blue fans by way of magazine coverage), that was fairly easy to do.

Speaking for myself, Mega Man X4 was pretty much the catalyst for getting a PlayStation, and was the first game I ever owned for the platform -- even before getting the system itself! Mega Man 8 was a definite nudge towards that, and with the then-upcoming Mega Man Neo/Nova/Legends on the horizon, it was clear that I'd need more than my Nintendo 64 to keep up with Blue Bomber adventures.

(Yeah, Mega Man Legends would eventually come to Nintendo 64 as Mega Man 64, but that was unknown at the time -- and I don't think many consider that version the best way to play.)

The inclusion of anime intros, as Ryan notes, was pretty good timing with anime picking up steam Stateside. Looking back, they're not the greatest animation in the world, and I suppose I can see why my parents were relatively unimpressed by them. (For my part, I wish they'd been more on-model -- at least get the eye colors right!)

That notwithstanding, Mega Man X4 is a favorite in the series for many, myself included (Note: A favorite), and of the PlayStation era Mega Man X games, it's the most fun for me to return to, even if there are some things I feel like its successors did better.

But what about you guys? Were you blown away by the anime? Did getting to play as Zero for the entire game change your perspective? Were you as annoyed as I was by Sigma's almost inexplicable return after Doppler's antivirus from Mega Man X3? Share your thoughts in the comments below!