Retropolis Zone Looks In-Depth at Mega Man X Games

Sorry for the lack of updates over the last few days, folks; the last week has kinda been Hell. Fortunately, I'm able to get this long-overdue tip out there with some ease.

Over on the Retropolis Zone YouTube channel, the "Quickies Don't Cut It" series has been providing some very in-depth reviews/analysis of each game in the Mega Man X series. And by in-depth, I mean that the latest one clocks in at more than an hour.

By that note, here is the latest, all about Mega Man X6. And as one might expect when talking about Mega Man X6, there is some Not Safe For Work language involved, though this entry is not alone in that regard.

For what it's worth, I agree with most of what is said here. I do enjoy the things that Mega Man X6 does right (including the story and how it was presented, which was glossed over for time here), but it does so many things wrong that it's hard to recommend to anyone but the most dedicated fans of the series.

Now, if you'd rather start at the beginning, no problem! Here's the review for the very first entry in the Mega Man X series, along with its not-so-recent remake, Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X:

If you've not seen these videos before, I do recommend starting here. As one might expect, it kicks things off on a more positive note, and gives a greater feel for how the series progressed overall. You can find the full "Quickies Don't Cut It" list here.

What do you think? Are the criticisms spot-on, or do you think some might be a little off-base? Share your thoughts in the comments below (and on YouTube, if you're so inclined)!

Thanks for the tip, CnCBoy!