Mega Man Pixel Tactics Kickstarter Goes Live (Update)

Jasco Games, creators of the Mega Man Board Game and Mega Man Universal Fighting System card game, has just launched a new endeavor on Kickstarter.

Called Mega Man Pixel Tactics, it applies the characters we all know and love to the rules of Level 99 Games' Pixel Tactics card game. Two players square off in matches which last roughly a half hour a piece, and you can even play a full game with just one box.

That said, there are two boxes to collect and build your deck from. The box with Mega Man adorning the cover will feature 28 characters taken from the first three classic games from the Nintendo Entertainment System, while the Proto Man box features 28 from the remaining three games. Each box has two of each character (one for each player), along with tokens and rules.

Beyond that, there are stretch goals which will allow for the inclusion of further characters, such as the Robot Masters from Mega Man 9 (including Fake Man), Mega Man 10, the Mega Man Killers (no Quint, though), Treble, and Bass.

Jasco notes that while the Mega Man Board Game took longer to arrive than they expected and many would have liked "mostly due to over-ambitious stretch goals and some snafus in miniature production," they've taken precautions to ensure that this does not happen again:

Building and fulfilling a Kickstarter project for a licensed game comes with its own unique set of challenges. Even though delays and difficulties are bound to come up, we are confident in our ability to deliver the game, as we have in the past, regardless of what happens.
This time around, we have taken precautions to make sure that things will run much more smoothly. We've pre-approved all of our artwork and cards with Capcom, designed our stretch goals from the ground up, and worked out the logistics of USA and international delivery ahead of time.
Furthermore, Jasco Games has been in the business of producing card games for over six years now. While our first board game effort forced us to learn a few things we weren't fully prepared for, we know card production inside and out.

You can find the Kickstarter here, which as of this writing has just launched and already raised $6,603 from 119 backers with 19 days to go, along with many more details and images. Plus, there are various reward tiers for backers, including some which not only give you copies of Mega Man Pixel Tactics, but the Mega Man Universal Fighting System decks, too!

Update: Only a day later, and the Kickstarter has reached its goal -- and then some! 934 backers have contributed $54,683, more than double the original goal, which also means that the stretch goals for Jewel Man, Magma Man, and Plug Man have been reached. With 18 days left, will fans drop enough for Bass?

Thanks to Jasco Games President and Founder Jason Hawronsky and Roberto Zampari Caldas for passing this along!