Battle Geek Plus's Awesome Video Game Memories of Mega Man X3

As popular as the Mega Man X series, many of its entries can be fairly divisive for one reason or another. In the case of Mega Man X3, it felt like Capcom was doubling down on many of the aspects fans loved about the series -- more upgrades, more Ride Armors, and even more playable characters (sort of)! But as perhaps the meatiest (and most challenging) game of the series to appear on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, was it perhaps a little too much?

Ryan of Battle Geek Plus recalls his experiences with the game (Warning: Not Safe For Work language within):

For my part, Mega Man X3 was pretty significant at the time. When I first began going online, this was pretty much the Mega Man X game that everyone was talking about, at least until rumors of Mega Man X4 started making waves (oh, the stories there). Plus, it was the one that was getting all the model kit treatment from Bandai, save for a bit of Rockman 8 here and the eventual Ultimate Armor pack-in for the sequel.

I had managed to rent and beat Mega Man X3 (took two tries, because I couldn't find Kaiser Sigma's weakness the first time out), but to this day, it remains the only one in the series I don't own in its original form -- though through my wife, I do have the PC version, so there's that, I guess. I did have the opportunity at one point, I think, but I ended up choosing Mega Man 7 instead. My only regret is that the one I didn't pick turned out to be the far more expensive one to get now.

It was and is a great entry in the series, yet not one I tend to return to very often when compared to others in the series. When I watch footage, I still get the urge to play it, but I know it requires a greater time investment from me than most of the series -- especially these days.

But what do you think? Do you like the game, or do you feel like it overextended its reach just a bit? Do you prefer the Super NES version's chiptunes, or the Saturn/PlayStation/PC version's anime cutscenes? Share your thoughts in the comments below!