Mega Man X 4Inch -Nel Figure Now Available for Pre-Order

Sorry, folks; I thought I'd posted about this already, but maybe I was getting it confused with the first look back in July, or even the recent Nendoroid pre-order.

"This is my X-Buster. There are many others like it, but this one is mine."

That's one way to keep your hands warm in winter.

A dashing hero, but not a DASHing hero.

Whatever the case, Sentinel's 4Inch-Nel figure of Mega Man X is now in living color and available to pre-order through BigBadToyStore!

"Who are you calling 'two-faced'?!"

The figure, which is estimated to be available in March 2017 and costs $49.99 USD, includes a set of extra "open" hands, an extra grimacing face, the X-Buster, and a RIO:board base with articulated arm and claw to aid in posing the figure in more dynamic positions.

Thanks to David "Dr. Wily" Minter for pointing out I hadn't posted about this yet!

And if you'd like to get a better idea of the quality of Sentinel's handiwork, check out Alexx's review of their MegaMan.EXE figure!