Check Out These Two Mega Man-esque Games on Steam

First, sorry updates have been a little slow around here as of late, but I've been dealing with some crunch time on my other writing jobs (and news tip submissions have been running just a little dry). Just the same, I wanted to post a little something for you to look at while the Inti Creates 20th Anniversary Gunvolt Contest is still going on, and I had just the thing here.

GeminiSparkSP submitted these a little while back, right when I was dying at Otakon. A couple of games which could be described as Mega Man-esque have popped up on Steam, and might be worth a look.

The first one here is called Copy Kitty, and is about a catgirl who is like a cross between Kirby and Mega Man:

This was actually first reported a couple of years ago, but has graduated from Steam Greenlight to Early Access, complete with a bit of an upgrade to it. You can find out more on its Steam page.

The other one GeminiSparkSP sent my way is called Heart&Slash, which features a robot named Heart who fights to survive the wrath of a legion of mindless machines in a future where humanity has gone extinct.

"Imagine Mega Man Legends," says GeminiSparkSP, "only as a hack-n-slash and with procedural generation."

This one is not only available now on Steam, but also on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as well.

What say you guys? Interested in trying either of these out? Share your thoughts in the comments!