Nendoroid's Full Armor Mega Man X Now Available for Pre-Order

Huh, I thought I'd talked about this figure before.

In any case, the Good Smile Company has a new Mega Man Nendoroid figure on the way. Not only does it depict X, but it does so in his fully-armored form from the original Mega Man X title! Check it out:

In addition to the figure, he of course includes the classic upgraded X-Buster with standard shots, a charge shot, and even the fully-powered "Spiral Crush Buster" shot (has that ever been given a proper name before?). If that wasn't enough firepower for you, he can also one-hit kill anything else left standing with a Hadoken attachment, too! To top it all off, two interchangeable face plates depict X with a more calm, determined demeanor and the slight grimace you see above.

Good Smile is taking pre-orders through their website now for ¥4,800, or around $46 USD, until 12:00JST on November 17th, 2016, with the release planned for April 2017. Plus, if you order directly from them, you'll get a bonus 1-UP Item Acrylic Plate which features the original pixel art for the item from the game.

News Credit: Siliconera, via Seraph Man