Inti Creates Hoping Lightning Can Strike Thrice with Gunvolt

With the sequel to Azure Striker Gunvolt now in the books, at least as far as the Nintendo 3DS is concerned, what lies in store for the future of Inti Creates? Well, if they have it their way, the series will continue on with a third entry. As told to Nintendo Everything (and relayed to me by Roberto Zampari Caldas):

Director Yoshihisa Tsuda told us that he very much wants to make a title “that continues the series with Gunvolt at the helm as the main protagonist.” It’s something he believes can happen so long as the fan support is there. He also has “a rough idea for what I would want the potential sequel to be”.

Producer Takuya Aizu also reiterated about how "near and dear" the series is to Inti Creates, adding that for a game that requires such a level of polish, it might be a while before we see any sort of announcements.

And since I'm not able to update quite as frequently as I would like at the moment, a bit of good news for owners of the original Azure Striker Gunvolt on the Nintendo 3DS is that a new "Japanese Voice Mode" was recently added. From Assistant Producer Matt Papa on Inti's blog:

For those of you who are not familiar with Japanese Voice Mode, this was a mode that we created for Azure Striker Gunvolt 1 that adds in content that was regrettably removed from the initial release of the 3DS version of the game. Not only does this patch restore the voices to each and every one of the characters, but the entire game has been re-localized to better match with the addition of these voices. This mode also restores ample amounts of dialogue that was previously removed from the game that takes place as Gunvolt traverses each stage.

Fans have been wanting this ever since the game was originally released, and now it's finally arrived, granting players more insight into the characters and their motivations.

What do you think? Are you up for even more Gunvolt? Assuming you've stuck with the original Nintendo 3DS download, do you want to replay the game again to see the changes? Discuss in the comments below!