Ian Flynn Looks Back on Mega Man with ComicsAlliance

"Would someone please tell Model A to quit staring at my Model A?"

At long last, the dust has finally settled. Archie's Mega Man #55, after a number of delays, has finally been released and the series laid to rest for now (save for the eventual trade paperback collections, of course).

Through it all, there has been one man to see it through: Ian Flynn, the sole writer for the book over its four-plus year run and for all of its highs and lows. While artists and even editors have come and gone, Flynn has been the constant.

With that in mind, ComicsAlliance has sat down for an interview with Flynn to discuss a variety of topics about the book's run, such as developing the stories which happened between games as much as the game adaptations themselves, development of the characters, Japanese trivia which helped inform his take on the series, darker moments in a book ostensibly for kids, and more.

You can find the full interview here.

That said, I've had my own opportunities to interview Ian for the site before, and I'm wondering if you guys would like me to do so again -- one more for the road, perhaps even taking some fan-submitted questions in the process. I imagine it's no big secret that Ian and I have known each other since before he even began writing about the Blue Bomber, but I'd still have to go through the proper channels with Archie first.

If you guys are interested, though, make it known in the comments below (hold your questions in the meantime until this is an actual thing, please), and if there's interest, I can see about getting the Mega Ball rolling.