ScrewAttack's Reasons They Love (and Hate) Mega Man X

On Friday, ScrewAttack helped kick off the New Year by naming their Top 10 Capcom games of all time. And here's a small spoiler if you haven't watched it yet (feel free to go do so before continuing on here), but the original Mega Man X made the list!

It's a great game, of that there is no question, and it's the favorite of many fans and more casual players of the Blue Bomber's franchise alike, and ScrewAttack has 19 reasons (some of which are Not Safe For Work) why it landed on their Top 10 list:

Of course, (spoiler) it didn't make it to the very top of the list... and Evil Craig has 18 reasons why that might be the case (some of which are very Not Safe For Work):

Agree? Disagree? (Probably, since the latter video was largely satirical.) Discuss!