Amazon Reveals Mega Man Legacy Collection Special Edition for Xbox One and PS4

A couple of months ago, we learned via Nintendo Direct that those interested in purchasing a retail version of Mega Man Legacy Collection will have the opportunity to upgrade to a Collector's Edition that includes a golden Mega Man amiibo figure. As it turns out, those with similar aspirations for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions will indeed have their own alternative as well, albeit a much more prestige one.

In addition to the physical copy of Mega Man's Nintendo Entertainment System run and all that it contains, these Special Editions will also include a nine-inch nail -- er, sorry, statue -- of Mega Man made of ABS plastic and a four-inch E Tank accessory. Touch Mega Man's left leg to the the E Tank when it's plugged in (via USB cord and/or AC adapter), and his helmet and Mega Buster will light up.

(Sharp-eyed fans will note that this is a variation of the 25th anniversary statue from a few years back, though I think the E Tank is new.)

As noted, this is definitely more of a prestige item compared to the Nintendo 3DS Collector's Edition, and the biggest reflection of this is in the price: $129.99 USD to $49.99 USD.

According to Protodude's Rockman Corner, this is not actually an official Capcom package, but rather something Amazon came up with on their own, which implies exclusivity to the online retailer when the game launches on February 23rd.

Thanks to Scarab for the tip!