Submit Your Questions for the Ian Flynn-terview!

A few days ago, I posted about a sort of postmortem interview ComicsAlliance held with Archie's one and only Mega Man scribe, Ian Flynn. At the end of that post, as you may recall, I bounced the idea around to you guys for whether or not I should do one of my own.

I asked you, you answered yes! So then I asked Archie, Archie answered yes!

Now, while I could do this on my own, I figure that reaching out to the community for questions is kind of a thing here, so I'm opening up the floor once again. I can't promise everything will be asked, but I'll try to pick the best ones to go with whatever I come up with. Basically, I'm taking the lead, and you guys are providing back-up when I need it. Like Maverick Hunters, only instead of robot animals, we're hunting answers.

Yeah, that's the ticket.

Anyway, there's one main rule in play: no asking about the why's or wherefores, whether it's coming back, or anything like that. Trust me, if that information was available, it would be out there. I will see if I can get anything on that matter myself in my own way, so don't waste your time there.

Instead, take the opportunity to look back and reflect: have a question about a certain character, portrayal, adaptation, or event? Or look forward to what might have been. In other words, you've got the opportunity to pick the author's brain -- so keep it to the creative side, and don't worry about the business side questions that he probably can't answer (who knows? Maybe the opportunity will come to ask someone who can... but that will be then, so focus on the now).

Rough deadline for submitting questions (just post in the comments below) is this weekend. I'm going to try to send this off on Monday, so I'll try to prepare before then. Saturday is your safe bet, but while something added on Sunday could slip in, too, remember: "He who hesitates is lost."