The Completionist Takes On the Next Two Mega Man Games After the First Six

The Completionist is back once more, and after taking on the first three Mega Man games and the second three Mega Man games, the Super Beard Bros. are taking on Mega Man 7!

Yes, just Mega Man 7. At least in the first video here, which looks at the game in its entirety and evaluates it on story, presentation, gameplay, and the final level:

Sadly, it seems they didn't heed my warning from the last post about going in on the Virtual Console release instead of the Mega Man Anniversary Collection's version, which is notorious for chopping out most of the game's ending.

As an aside, Mega Man 7 came out a bit further into the Super NES lifespan than they say -- late 1995, only a few months before Mega Man X3 hit the scene and about a year before the Nintendo 64 was released (though it is true that Mega Man X itself came in a bit late -- around the midway point, more or less).

Next, the most recent video makes the logical progression towards taking on the series' odd one out, Mega Man 8:

With Mega Man 8 wrapped up, there are still two games left on the Mega Man Anniversary Collection: Mega Man: The Power Battle and Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters. Hopefully Jirard gets to those two (though what he said here may be it), as well as the last two remaining games in the main series, somewhere down the line.

For now, if you'd like to see more of his coverage of Mega Man, you can find the full playlist right here.

Thanks to Auto for the tip!