Rockman Maniax Gets Two-Volume Reprint in Japan

Japan has recently seen a reprinting of Hitoshi Ariga's Rockman Maniax manga; however, rather than the one jumbo volume released previously, the contents have now been split into two parts. What's more, each volume's cover gives a prominent spotlight to... Auto?!

Contained within the two volumes are a number of old stories, strips, and content which didn't make it into the more recent editions of Rockman Megamix and Rockman Gigamix, including (if I'm reading the Google Translation correctly) the Rockman 9 manga included with the arranged soundtrack and the Rockman X Mega Mission story based on Bandai's Carddass series.

No official statement from UDON Entertainment has been given at this time, but hopefully we'll see these released here before too long!

News Credit: Rockman Unity, via Vhyper1985