GameTrailers Ranks the Top 10 Dogs in Gaming

GameTrailers is at it once again, this time ranking the Top 10 Dogs in video games.

Let's face it: You know it's Rush who made the list, so we'll skip the guessing there. But can you guess where he ranked? Watch and see:

We’re so proud of these pooches we couldn’t go on any longer without counting them down. No wolves, no dog-people, just dogs. Who are mankind’s greatest gaming friends?

Rush's place is well-deserved here -- he's practically as much a gaming icon as the Blue Bomber himself, and it's rare to see one appear without the other somewhere nearby. Do you think he got the right spot, though?

And here's a bonus question, since watching the video brought it to mind: Which color do you prefer for Rush? His more purplish original hue, or the standard red he was always meant to have?

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