Could Mega Man Use the Pokémon GO Treatment?

Nintendo and The Pokémon Company made big news recently with the announcement of Pokémon GO, a mobile game for iPhone and Android devices developed by Niantic, Inc. which uses augmented reality technology to allow players to find, capture, battle, train, and trade virtual pocket monsters found throughout the real world.

Over at USgamer, they've posted a list (full disclosure: written by my wife) of different licenses and games which could potentially use a similar treatment. Naturally, Mega Man Battle Network (and Star Force, but that didn't make the cut) came to mind. After all, between the Dimensional Areas of the MegaMan NT Warrior cartoon and just the way networks pretty much overlap the real world in those games, it's not difficult to imagine a virus or NetNavi hiding out in your toaster. And with today's mobile tech, just about the only thing missing is an artificial intelligence to guide you -- which the game, of course, could provide.

See what there was to be said about Mega Man Battle Network and what other franchises made the list by clicking here.