Battle Geek Plus's Awesome Video Game Memories of Mega Man 2

Remember the last time I featured one of Ryan's Battle Geek Plus "Awesome Video Game Memories" videos for Mega Man, and how it had apparently been around for the better part of a year before Channel Awesome finally posted something on it? Well, same case here (don't worry; this time I checked to see if there were any others to catch up on before running this).

Here we have his recollections of the legendary second entry in the series, Mega Man 2, from the awesome music to trying to figure out that one part of Dr. Wily's stage that requires Item-1, conquering the Boobeam Traps, and more!

There's no question that Mega Man 2 was good -- perhaps even a little too good, as that's the one Capcom sought to emulate with the last two entries of the series, even at the expense of some of the advances to come from later games.

Where does it rank for you? What are your favorite moments from it? And were you ever able to beat any of its distinct challenges the "hard" way (Boobeam without dying and refilling your weapons, Quick Man's beams without Time Stopper, vanish blocks in Heat Man's stage without using Item-2, etc.)? Sound off in the comments below!