USgamer's 10 Handy Things to Know if You're New to Mega Man

More specifically, "if Mega Man Legacy Collection is Your Introduction to the Series." And admittedly, if you're reading this, that may not be you.

Yellow Devil is absolutely shocked that not everyone has played his game. Or at least he's about to be.

On the other hand, maybe you have a friend or loved one who has resisted all this time, but you've finally managed to break them. Mega Man is finally on next-gen consoles in some form, so there must be something to it, and so they've given in. The problem being, you can't spare the time to be with them every waking moment as they discover what all the buzz has been about.

Or maybe you're a Mega Man fan, but you adopted your fandom through other means. There are, after all, six other series with as many as eight games (not including side-games) to them. There's a good chance some reading this site have been a Blue Bomber fan for over a decade, yet never touched the original games.

And then there are other ways it could happen. Enjoying the cartoon, comics, manga, or even Super Smash Bros.

Whatever the case, if Mega Man Legacy Collection is the first time you or someone you know has played the original six games from the Nintendo Entertainment System library, USgamer has compiled a list of ten things you should know going in. And for the rest of us? A little refresher is nice every now and then, isn't it?