The Gaming Historian Examines Mega Man on SEGA

When it comes to gaming platforms, Mega Man is perhaps most closely associated with Nintendo. After all, more Blue Bomber titles have appeared on Nintendo systems than any other brand, though Sony's PlayStation holds a respectable second place in that race.

But once upon a time, when SEGA was still in the business of making hardware, Capcom and the House That Sonic Built came together to provide two distinct entries into the franchise.

The Gaming Historian takes a look at how this then-unlikely union came to be, and what came of it:

For further study, James looked at both games here a couple of years ago in his Looking Back series. While the Game Gear game was not so highly regarded, The Wily Wars has unique attributes that are difficult to ignore for any true blue Mega Man fan, and the question continues to loom as to whether we'll ever see the contents of Wily Tower again.

Thanks to Auto for the tip!