Azure Striker Gunvolt Launches on Steam with Hitches (Update)

As it was foretold, Azure Striker Gunvolt has been released on Steam today. However, it seems that it may not have gone off entirely without a hitch.

Users on the Steam forums have reported troubles with the game in which the background/borders of the window appear and sound can be heard, but little more can be seen on the screens, aside from some menu options. One user, Saikyo, provided the following image:

I attempted to run the game myself, and can confirm that I ran into the same difficulties, with the white screen fading to black as I allowed it to run.

(As an aside, Steam informed me that Mighty Gunvolt was not yet available, despite nothing I can find saying that it would be available at a different time. Edit: I see now from the Mighty No. 9 story that it's not due for another month.)

Not all users are affected by this, however. According to the tip from BLsquared, "For those using AMD/Radeon video cards, all of the game's graphics minus the text and backgrounds cease to be drawn. Those with Nvidia and Intel Integrated cards do not seem to be having many issues other than frame loss, but even then it's still very playable."

So far, according to BLsquared, there has been no response from Inti Creates on the matter.

"I am going to wait for a fix and not refund it, [it's] Inti['s] first port for PC," says Saikyo. "Thanks and hope more Inti games are ported on [PC]."

Have any of you tried the game out yet? If so, what has your experience been thus far? And if you've figured out a way to fix the blank screens without buying a whole new card, please share your secrets in the comments below!

In thee meantime, hopefully Inti Creates won't be long with a fix. I'll keep you updated of anything I hear.

Update: BLsquared brings new info from Inti Creates, as they noted on Twitter that they were looking into the issue. Comments from Steam users now say that it works fine, though I personally can't confirm it -- Steam keeps popping in and out with a window saying "Preparing to launch Azure Striker Gunvolt" without ever actually launching it. Probably just me, though.

Update 2: Yep, just needed a reboot. The visuals are fine now, but it runs pretty sluggish here -- likely due to my resource-strapped computer.