Pixel Dan Reviews Kidrobot's Mega Man Mini-Figures and Keychains

Following his look at the San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Mega Man and Break Man figures from Kidrobot, Pixel Dan is back with more of the company's recent Blue Bomber output. This time, he's looking at the mass-released line of blind-boxed mini-figures and keychains.

It looks like even when you're sent product from the company themselves, there is still an element of chance as to which figures you're going to get. Sometimes you end up with some rare ones, and other times you'll end up with doubles. At least the boxes give you the odds on each figure.

On a personal note, I really like how Bomb Man looks among the lot. But does anyone else think that Yellow Devil looks just plain weird with a head? Kind of cool (I like the side glance it's giving), but still weird.