Mega Man X Hits the Road and the Sky in These Corruption Updates

If there is one thing that Capcom's had a difficult time getting just right, it's vehicle stages in Mega Man games. Even at their very best, opinions about the results remain sharply divided: some love them, others hate them, and then there are those who like some and hate others, with still more hating what those liked and liking the ones that were hated.

One could argue that the best attempt came in Mega Man X2 with Overdrive Ostrich's stage. While the Mobile Attack Cycle was fragile and perhaps a bit short-lived (complete with an item that more or less required killing yourself to get), at least it was optional, in contrast to those found in Mega Man 8, Mega Man X4, Mega Man X5, and Mega Man X8 (Mega Man X7's is a discussion all on its own).

As such, it makes sense that the creators of the long in-development fan game "Mega Man X: Corrupted," despite borrowing elements from post-Super Nintendo Entertainment System installments in the series, would go with the one which already matches their 16-bit styled aesthetic, albeit with their own touches added as well:

All objects are done for the highway. Lots of stuff to interact and even run over with the bikes. xD
Note: Enemy placement not final.

As you can see, the M.A.C. is still pretty fragile, but not quite as much as before. And even with that, there are still numerous replacements littering the highway so that you don't have to go without for long if you don't want to.

What do you think? Share your thoughts on Capcom's previous attempts or what you see here in the comments below.

In addition, they've added the following video of a new Skyway section:

There's not quite as much to talk about here, except maybe how interesting it is to see how everything interacts with each other, from bullets ricocheting off the platforms to hit the air Mechaniloids to even having some of those crash into one-another. Gives everything a very real, tangible sort of feeling, doesn't it?