Mega Man Legacy Collection Launch Trailer and More

While I'm still waiting for the answers to the interview questions I passed along to the folks putting together the Mega Man Legacy Collection, Capcom has been quite busy in getting more and more word out there -- or rather, video. So here's a quick round-up of what's been passed around recently.

For starters, the game doesn't come out until August 25th, but that hasn't stopped the PlayStation YouTube channel from posting the following launch trailer:

Next up, Capcom Unity's community manager Brett Elston and producer Rey Jimenez stopped by the offices of Polygon to "show them everything" the game has to offer, as well as discuss some of their favorite Mega Memories, what the future has in store for the Blue Bomber, and whether more collections like this are on their way:

Last but not least, the official Capcom UK YouTube channel has posted the following video depicting "first time" Mega Man players taking on the series' most memorable bosses:

Join host @NeilGortz as he pits Monster Hunter Community Manager Jake @Dr8kHunt6r and Street Fighter Community Manager Matt @TheStreetWriter as they battle each other using the Mega Man Legacy Collection.
Neither have played a Mega Man game before (as you will see) so this should be interesting. In the coming weeks we will pit them against a few iconic Robot Masters before moving on to MMLC's challenge modes.

I'll bring the results of the interview (which hopefully won't clash with the Polygon video's answers too much) as soon as it becomes available, along with any further news of this game's release.

In the meantime, feel free to pop over to Capcom Unity, where I've been offering some comments about several Robot Masters from these games on a near-daily basis, with more to come! They've also got a new podcast up, wherein they debate which game is the best (to no avail, apparently).